4 Most Expensive Educational Courses in India

This is a persisting problem among all those who find it very difficult to decide as to what to pursue in the future. Today, the youngsters are in a dilemma because they are involved in many activities and do not realise the opportunities available in a particular course. Most of them are really expensive and are mostly not even considered only because of monetary issues. We will tell you about the 4 most expensive educational courses in India.

  • Hotel Management

Pursuing hotel management is very expensive in India as of now. This is because you undergo rigorous training at various hotels, resorts etc. in order to know about the work and the culture. You will focus on customer service and ensure that the guests have a pleasant stay at your hotel. You can be a department manager or even a security head.

  • MBBS or Medical

In India, a doctor receives utmost respect and dignity because they are responsible for treating the lives of people and curing them from dangerous risks of diseases. Due to high demand, the course expenses are very high. It takes around five years to get a certified MBBS degree.

  • B-tech, BE, M-tech, ME

Engineering is all about Physics, Mathematics, Science, IT etc. People, who love science, always dream of becoming an engineer in a specific domain. India has some of the best universities to get this valuable degree.

  • MBA or Management

If you are someone who loves to organise, manage and coordinate the daily activities, MBA is for you. Besides giving you a really good education, it will also shell out a lot of money from your side. Believe it or not, it is worth spending every bit, provided you are serious about the course.

We suggest that you choose your course based on your interest and not by influence, which most of us tend to do. It is very important to love what you do and not do it for the sake of it.

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